Cedar Creek was designed and built by Bob Beard in 1965. The course was originally operated by the Mike Roth family. The Roth family operated the facility from 1965-1975.

Stock options were sold to finance the course construction. The club was opened as a stag club and operated a brief time allowing only male participation. In 1969 a 5000 square foot club house was added to the facility. By 1975 finances had dried up and the course went into a period of bankruptcy.

During that period a group of course owners and superintendents leased the facility. That group hired Dan Collins and Dave Gilbert to operate the club. The club slowly worked out of it's financial woes over the next seven years.

In 1982 the course was purchased by Bud Meeks and Dave Gilbert. In the next eight years we worked to upgrade the infrastructure by installing an automatic irrigation system and upgrading the club house and equipment. We worked to improve the condition of the course by adding over 3000 trees, many bunkers, and cart paths over the entire golf course. Those improvements along with many others have brought Cedar Creek to the course we know today.

In 1999 My wife Cheri and I bought our partner of 17 years out and now operate the course as sole owners. As you can see the club has undergone many changes in the past. The next major undertaking will be the rebuilding of some of our greens & tees. We will keep you advised as that project is undertaken.

—Dave Gilbert