Grand Prix points system for 2018.

  1. Entering any event will be 5 points
  2. Winning an event included flighted events will be 30 points
  3. Finishing in the top 5 will score 25 points.
  4. Finishing 6-10 will score 15 points
  5. Finishing 11-15 will score 5 points.
  6. Finishing out of the to 15 will score 0 points.

All Individual events including the Medal Play Club Championship will double the points values.

In gross/net individual events you will only score in your highest finish. Medal Play Club Championship will pay "Net Only" in flights.

Individual Match Play: 10 points for signing up and 10 points for each round advanced through the tournament. All bye rounds or walkovers will receive 10 points for advancement.

Payouts will be cash.